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At Life Through Touch in Dripping Springs, Tx our health spa services include a variety of massage therapy, aromatherapy, essential oils, body sculpting, micro current, facials and more. We serve Dripping Springs and surrounding communities of Wimberley, Driftwood, Blanco, and Johnson City.

Spa Services

Massage Therapy


You  will receive an individualized therapeutic massage at every session. The human body is in constant change aiming for balance. Massage facilitates the over-all balance of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We offer a variety of massage therapy options including hot stone massage, pre-natal massage, hand and foot therapy massage and more.

Essential Oils

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The use of organic therapeutic grade essential oils is foundational to my holistic practice. The inhaled essential oil goes to the limbic system of the brain within 20 seconds. The limbic system has a multiplicity of functions, in general your emotional well-being, memory and survival. The oils applied to the skin penetrate within 20 minutes. The appropriate oils will be determined every session because each oil has its own medicinal properties due to its chemical constituents. Essential oils have been utilized for thousands of years.

Micro Current


Micro current is a major aspect of my practice because we as human beings are electrical impulses. The sub sensory impulses  of micro current resonate with the human body facilitating the healing process directly. The micro current will be used for post surgical and scar tissue ; injury or trauma; facial rejuvenation; body sculpting.

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