About Me

As a holistic practitioner, I wish to work with you to facilitate your overall health and well-being. My professional roles through these 25 years have  included nursing, massage, aromatherapy and micro current.

I started out as a licensed vocational nurse instilled with the foundation of total patient care. My first position was at the University of Minnesoata Hospitals in neurology followed by medical/surgical, intermediate intensive care, geriatrics, psychiatry, nursery, pediatrics,obstetrics and gynecology, labor and delivery and post partum whether in a clinic or hospital setting.

The world of massage and the use of therapeutic grade essential oils came into play when I was in obstetrics . I heard “this cry this question” from women — How do I work with the various challenges that I am experiencing whether they are  physical, emotional or  mental?  This is suppose to be one of the most ULTIMATE  expereinces of my life! I incorporated  pregnancy/post partum massage and the teaching and practice of infant massage  as well as  becoming  a doula because of this experience.

I have continued to bring to my practice a plethora of massage techniques.

I will always give thanks for the many gifts that I have received by being in this role.


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