• Massage for pregnancy and post-partum

    Massage for pregnancy and post-partum There is no other time in a woman’s life when she has more influence on another life than during this time. I wish to be available to all “mother’s-to-be” during this major phase in your life and the life…
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  • Hot Stones | Therapeutic Massage

    HOT STONES: a therapeutic modality for the human body.                                                                          “TO TOUCH IS TO GIVE LIFE” by Michelangelo Hot polished stones have a definitive role in therapeutic massage as a healing modality. History notes hot stones were used starting in 1500 BC by European…
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  • Essential Oils And Aromatherapy

    “The way to health is to have an aromatic bath and scented massage every day.”   Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine   Therapeutic grade essential oils The use of Essential oils /aromatherapy has been a major player in the world for thousands of years….
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    I am excited to offer my services to you the  bride  and your wedding party. Please check my website for WEDDINGS AND SPECIAL OCCASIONS. The  menu of services is noted under treatments whether massage, aromatherapy or micro current for facials/body sculpting. Gift certificates will be available the…
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  • Thought for the New Year.

    The quality of one’s service does not come from the activitiy itself, but from the purity of one’s intention.
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    Microcurrent: Enhancement of the physical body, your physique

    Micro current: Enhancement of the physical body, your physique. We as human beings get to evaluate our overall body appearance frequently. Many factors come into play that impact our physical shape and internal functioning-nutrition, exercise, water intake and basic DNA. Our bodies are our…
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  • microcurrent

    Microcurrent facial sculpting is revolutionary

    With respect to the foundation of holistic health, microcurrent facials are revolutionary. Beauty is more than skin deep, yet this is how the world sees you initially. Collagen production decreases by 1-2% starting a few years after puberty, elastin stops around age 12, resulting…
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  • micro-tissue

    Microcurrent for Trauma & Tissue Injury

    Tissue injury or trauma can happen when you least expect it. You may not even be aware of it until a few days later when you are doing an everyday task and say, “What is going on?” The use of micro current with therapeutic…
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  • hand-3

    The Power of Touch

     The Power Of Touch I know that touching was, still is and always will be the true revolution. By Nikki Giovanni   We as human beings are gifted with the senses of touch, hearing, smell, taste and sight. These senses are the foundation of…
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  • professional masseur doing  massaging  female neck  in the beauty salon

    Massage is Care of Self

    MASSAGE EQUATES HEALTH AND WELLNESS NOT JUST A LUXURY   I want everyone reading this article to seriously ponder what gives you that experience of “feeling alive”. Take time and observe yourself to see what enhances your day, brings greater joy, and facilitates being…
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