Massage for pregnancy and post-partum

Massage for pregnancy and post-partum

There is no other time in a woman’s life when she has more influence on another life than during this time.

I wish to be available to all “mother’s-to-be” during this major phase in your life and the life of this unborn child. Pregnancy massage is a time of gleaning awareness about yourself and this beautiful being you are carrying. Massage will ground you as you go thru the myriad of changes that will take place for you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. How you experience yourself during this 9 month period has a major impact on what your baby will experience while in utero and for the remainder of their lives.

Every woman is unique in her desires, expectations and needs for the pregnancy whether first or fourth. Research notes massage is the number one alternative therapy used by pregnant women because of its immense benefits: decrease in anxiety as well as general mood swings with hormonal changes, decrease in leg and back pain; decrease in post-partum depression and cortisol levels for women in general therefore newborns perform better on the Brazelton Neonatal Behavorial Assessment in the habituation, orientation and motor scales. Decrease in prenatal complications especially in women with depression along with a decrease in premature births and low birth weights. These sessions gift you the experience of a loving compassion for yourself which you can then convey to that most precious being you are carrying. The sessions are trimester specific and build on each other. Pregnancy massage opens a portal into your strengths and weaknesses therefore facilitating your actual labor and delivery which you will be able to welcome and not fear!

Post-partum massage appropriately honors your labor and delivery whether it was the ideal experience or not. There is the progression of a 9 month pregnancy and now this major shift into motherhood after delivery: who am I and who is this new entity I am holding? Massage continues to support the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects that one is bombarded with after giving birth.

Gift yourself time to observe, to learn about that creative innate part of you that is a life giving force, ground yourself as you go through one of the ultimate experiences of life! Pregnancy, birth and into motherhood.

The combined knowledge and experience in obstetrics, labor and delivery/ post-partum, as well as pregnancy/ post-partum massage plus doula over the years is groundwork for your massage sessions. These sessions create a place of comfort and resolve within yourself at this most pivotal time in your life.