Massage is Care of Self

professional masseur doing  massaging  female neck  in the beauty salon



I want everyone reading this article to seriously ponder what gives you that experience of “feeling alive”. Take time and observe yourself to see what enhances your day, brings greater joy, and facilitates being open to the present moment. What helps you to really let go? Learn more about yourself through Individually Tailored Massage Sessions.

There continues to be a plethora of studies, self-help books, trainings and teachings with a consistent thread: care of self. Balance is pivotal for the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of our being. The human body responds to any and all input, let what you take in serve you and not deplete you. Therapeutic massage/touch automatically releases the various endorphins, hormones and neuro- chemicals needed to deal with living life. Take a break from the busyness of life. That innate part of you “wants to care for self, wants to live life fully”. This is not a selfish act. It is imperative that we receive, it is part of the over-all balancing act or one becomes devitalized manifesting illness.

We all at some time have heard a friend, family member, physician or therapist, personal trainer or yoga instructor state: get a massage, you’re really stressed out, you need this in your life! Therapeutic touch addresses the physical issues that have manifested as well as teaching one how to let go, move through and release issues that may be conscious or unconscious. There is a positive accumulative effect when you receive massage. Change is constant, welcome the changes. How you respond to life impacts your over-all state of health.

Budget the time and money for massage now to benefit your present and long term health.

No matter the age whether infant to 90 “touch is imperative for sustaining quality of life.”

I wish for all to experience life fully.