Microcurrent: Enhancement of the physical body, your physique


Micro current: Enhancement of the physical body, your physique.

We as human beings get to evaluate our overall body appearance frequently. Many factors come into play that impact our physical shape and internal functioning-nutrition, exercise, water intake and basic DNA. Our bodies are our vessel to function from while we are on this earth. We have an opportunity to care for this vessel in a variety of ways as our bodies change throughout the years.

Micro current works to enhance our over-all appearance and full function. Dr. Sakman and Dr. Neher received the Nobel Prize for their work on the response of micro current on the physiology of human cellular membranes. They noted each cell contains 22-40 different ion channels each being specific for a particular nutrient: calcium, magnesium sodium; etc. Further research showed a process called “electroporation” whereby toxic material trapped inside the cell could be electrically “pulsed out”. Micro current facilitates this process.

Negative conditions in our bodies overtime form patterns that are held in a crystalline structure impacting the interconnections between the cells and membranes of the body. Micro current impacts the tissue removing the stored waste products, increasing the cellular metabolism and facilitating the detoxification of the body. Cellulite is defined as a herniation causing a dimpling or orange peel appearance, common in 80 to 90% of women whether the body is slender or overweight. Use of plant based product containing collagen and elastin during treatments and at home work to tone and lift creating the physique you want and the foundation for your body to thrive.

Slimmer toned arms, trimmer sleeker back, tighter lifted buttocks, slender shapely legs, enhancement to breasts, decrease of stretch marks, decrease of cellulite and weight. Some fat cells are needed for hormone metabolism, temperature modulation, protection of vital organs and bones. Micro current diminishes the thickness of the lymph, cellular resistance is reduced supporting the bioelectricity to flow and reestablish normal function of the cells.