Microcurrent facial sculpting is revolutionary


With respect to the foundation of holistic health, microcurrent facials are revolutionary. Beauty is more than skin deep, yet this is how the world sees you initially. Collagen production decreases by 1-2% starting a few years after puberty, elastin stops around age 12, resulting in loss of deep hydration and tone to the skin. By 45-50, you have approximately only 50% of collagen and elastin with continued depletion as you age.

The microcurrent facial is non-invasive with no downtime, redness or harmful side effects and cost effective. Have a session before a wedding, photo shoot or anniversary. The in-office Elastin Infusion therapy can replace as much as two years of lost elastin! There is no other skincare product on the market that contains this biotechnology based, human protein to stimulation collagen synthesis and replenish elastin. There is a 1-% collagen thickening in the connective tissue and a 45% increase of elastin fibers in the dermis, pro ducting firmer and tighter skin.

The skin care regiment is approximately ten treatments followed by booster sessions approximately every four to eight weeks. Age defying changes are notably seen around the sixth or seventh sessions as the muscle memory increases. Ideally, you should adopt a collagen/elastin replacement therapy enhancing and extending the results. The changes are gradual versus drastic, looking more natural than any surgical or non-surgical cosmetic procedure. There is a literal wounding of the skin with many other cosmetic procedures; microcurrent stimulates the natural regenerative powers already present within the human body. The radiance of your skin will speak volumes.

The actual microcurrent communicates to the approximate 32 muscles correlating with acupuncture points while increasing the ATP (adenosine triphosphate) that a cell produces by as much as 500%. The results of these physiological processes are improved skin tone and coloration with reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Creating a more beautiful you! A few familiar faces seen through the years that utilize microcurrent are Susan Sarandon, Jennifer Anniston, Meryl Streep and Sandra Bullock.

I look forward to enhancing the beauty of your skin, allowing the radiant healthy glow to emanate every moment of every day. Gift yourself or someone you love with the holiday specials.