Weddings & Special Occasions


For You The Bride


I remember how excited I was at the proposal of marriage up to the actual WEDDING DAY.

I also remember all the little particulars that were needed to actualize MY DREAM DAY.

Because of all those many beautiful memories as well as challenging moments I want to GIVE you options on how to make the most of every MOMENT!

In my holistic practice I want to facilitate the foundation that will benefit you as you WALK this journey into MATRIMONY-ONE OF THE ULTIMATE EXPERIENCES OF YOUR LIFE!

Therapeutic Massage


The individualized therapeutic massage that I give you will support you in the PRESENT moment no matter what you need to do: making major decisions; spending time being creative, planning, laughing or crying whether with family, friends or that HUSBAND to be.

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Hot Stone Massage

Hand or Foot Therapy

Rain Drop Therapy

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils


I will create the appropriate therapeutic grade essential oil blends to support you in the present moment, ENHANCING your INNER BEAUTY to come through, and allow your PASSION TO FLOW!

The cost depends on the oils used.

Microcurrent Facials


The microcurrent facials that you receive from me take you beyond the “normal” facial.¬†¬† With this procedure you experience TOTAL ENHANCEMENT OF YOUR SKIN! What takes place is

  • firming and strengthening of present muscle tone
  • improved skin tone
  • skin color enhancement and balance
  • reduction of lines and wrinkles
  • skin issues

There will be a RADIANCE that is like no other because of the cellular changes that have come into play and continue to build on each other through the increase of collagen and elastin fibers.


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Microcurrent Body Sculpting


The micro current will be revolutionary in the sculpting that takes place for your body. We all want to look our very best when it comes to our wedding day but that honeymoon is when you really get to let yourself go and totally indulge in the experience.

Body sculpting

  • Slimmer toned arms
  • Trimmer sleeker back
  • Tighter lifted buttocks
  • Slender shapely legs
  • Enhancement to breasts
  • Decrease in cellulite
  • Decrease in weight

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There will be a creating of packages for your specific needs as the BRIDE, for the BRIDESMAIDES, MOTHER OF THE BRIDE, any and all that you wish to include.

Falling in LOVE and marrying is a true gift no matter what your age. Allow yourself to be what you want to be on this journey.